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Sky Trampoline, located in Layton Utah, is one of Utah’s newest and most innovative exercise recreation businesses in Utah.

Sky Trampoline provides safe, fun and challenging recreation for children, adults and families. The business gives the community a place to smile, laugh, unwind and blow-off stress.

Activities at Sky tone muscles, build confidence, strengthen the lungs and heart, and help individuals reach heights never before reached. The business exists to provide a safe, healthy and challenging alternative to other entertainment and recreation choices making it a place for employees and customers to be delighted together.

Sky is unique in that it has a high safety record while possessing possibly the most bouncy trampolines in the business. At Sky, you can fly to serious heights. The strong trampoline frames are custom built, the springs are heavy duty and the rebound is effective. Sky is the only park with a half-pipe for those who want to be challenged jumping side to side without touching the bottom of the half-pipe between each jump.

All of Sky’s activities, such as dodge ball, aerobics, basketball, climbing on the climbing walls, and practicing in the foam pits, challenge customers and promote cardiovascular exercise and good health.

Sky Trampoline improves individual well-being and overall health. Although all customers have lots of fun at the park, few realize the incredible benefits they are realizing.

Trampoline exercise has been found to be the best exercise for healing the body and for staying healthy. There are unique benefits to trampoline exercise that cannot be found in any other activity. Plus, trampoline exercise is FUN! Few would think of trampoline exercise like work.

Research studies have verified the following benefits from jumping on trampolines. Given the following benefits, a visit to Sky Trampoline could do more than thousands of dollars of supplements. In short, a visit to Sky can be a medication free cure for many ailments.


• Increase in muscular strength

• Improved posture, balance and coordination

• Revitalized vision and better mental functioning

• Reduction in stress level and control over addictions

• Improvement in the blood, lungs and all the internal organs

• Reduction in the aging process

• Relief of chronic pains

• Elimination of toxins from the body

• Decreased weight

• Improved overall sense of well-being

• Strengthened cells (every cell in the body), organs, tissues,

bones and tendons

• Improved breathing, giving all the benefits of aerobic exercises without jarring the skeletal


• Saved time (a NASA study found that 10 minutes of rebounding is as effective as 25 or 30

minutes of jogging)

• Protection against heart disease, cancer and degenerative diseases

• Reduced cellulite

• Lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels

• Toned glandular system, specifically thyroid glands

• Increased activity of bone marrow in producing red blood cells

• Improved digestion

• Improved bone density while protecting your joints – removing up to 80% of the shock to

your joints

• Improved sleep habits

• Improved circulation and cardiovascular health

• Lengthened muscles thereby increasing flexibility

• Increased immune system and reduced chances of getting sick

• Increased metabolism

• Increased oxygen capacity

• Improved sense of balance

• Increased oxygen circulation to tissues

• Improved circulation of the lymph through the lymph gland


Many customers are shocked to realize jumping on a trampoline can provide such benefits. The secret to the unique benefits comes from the gravitational pull involved in bouncing. Research has proven that the 2 to 3 G forces on every cell in your body squeezes out toxins. What are toxins? Toxins are poisonous waste products such as nitrogenous wastes, dead cells, cancer cells, fatty globules, infectious viruses, pathogenic bacteria, trapped protein, infectious viruses, heavy metals, and other assorted junk.

The toxins move out of the body’s approximately 60 trillion cells with the gravitational pull, then during the weightless period when the body is in the air, the lower cell pressure invites nutrients to move into the cell. Thus, every cell in the entire body gets cleansed and filled with nutrients during trampoline exercise. Further, the exercise involves a thrill that releases endorphins and “feel-good” chemicals into the brain, improving overall brain chemistry.

Improving brain chemistry with professional help can be an expensive venture, yet, jumping for an hour at Sky Trampoline only costs $10.00. Where can you get a greater return on your investment? Ten dollars to reduce stress and feel invigorated, to rejuvenate every cell in your body and to improve your brain chemistry, that’s a bargain! If this bargain doesn’t make you smile, laugh or feel happy, the trampoline fun definitely will.

If you want to improve your health but aren’t sure what exercises to do while jumping at Sky, try a few basic knee raises while jumping. Simply raise your knee slowly to your waistline while lightly bouncing on the trampoline. Or, try a standard jumping jack while bouncing. These will be the most fun jumping jacks you have ever tried. For more in depth exercises, ask a Sky employee about trampoline aerobic classes. Sky exists to improve your overall well-being and health. Every investment you make in Sky is an investment in your future.

Sky is aware an investment in your health through jumping at Sky includes risk. They take safety seriously. You should be comforted to know that trampoline exercise typically generates fewer injuries than most other recreational activities. A study reported in the American Academy of Pediatrics Journal comparing injury rates for children involved in community sports and recreation found that trampoline parks only experience injuries .02% of the time compared to 1% and above for most other sports and recreation activities, baseball, basketball and soccer producing much higher rates of injuries. Trampoline park jumping produces fewer injuries than back yard trampoline jumping. The rate of injuries at Sky is 3 per 1,000 jumpers. This rate is more than half other nearby trampoline parks. Thus, the good news is that Sky has a fabulous safety record and you can be comforted knowing the risk is lower than most other sports.

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